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Choose The Safest & Facile 5 Best Climbing Spikes For Trees

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best climbing spikes 1 Metolius Climbing Tape Item Dimensions: (LxWxH) ‎18 x 10 x 4.75 inches
Item Weight: ‎2.2 Pounds
Brand Name:
Model Name:
‎Fixed Double Steps Climbing Stick
‎XOP Green and Grey
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Best climbing spikes 2 Hampton Adams | 3-Pack White Athletic Sports Tape Item Package Dimensions: ( L x W x H)‎24.5 x 8 x 6 inches
Item Dimensions: (LxWxH)‎1 x 1 x 1 inch
Item Weight: 11.8 Pounds
Brand Name:
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best climbing spikes 3 Hampton Adams (8 Pack) White Finger Tape – Athletic Tape Item Dimensions: (LxWxH)‎20×9.25×4.5 inches
Item Weight: 11.8 Pounds
Brand Name:
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best climbing spikes 4 Liberty Mountain Climber’s Tape Brand Name: Hawk
Hawk Treestands Ranger Traction 3pk Climbing Sticks
Item Dimensions:
(LxWxH)‎32.5 x 4.5 x 12 inches
Item Weight: 18 Pounds
Mud Camo
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best climbing spikes 5 Mighty-X White Athletic Tape + PreWrap Brand Name: Rhino Treestands
Model Name:
‎24-Foot Double: Step
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Tree climbing spikes will keep you secure, steady, and sure-footed in all your arborist endeavors, whether you climb trees for a living or perform backyard maintenance. Good spikes are dependable, simple to attach, and portable enough to carry all day. They ought to be durable and comfortable for extended periods of time. After all, they’re there to keep you safe. 

It is accurate to say that spikes are necessary for safe tree climbing. This is the tool of choice for flawless ascending and descending operations. The spike should always be placed in front of steps, a ladder, or a stand. The likelihood of unintentionally tripping or slipping can be reduced. You are aware that the market is flooded with options due to the infinite number of options available. However, when it comes to comfort or quality, not every spike is created equal. We’ve brought in the top 5 best tree-climbing spikes for your consideration.

Top 5 Climbing Spikes – Ultimate Guide 2023

Item / 01

Klein Tools CN1907ARL

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Manufacturer – Klein Tools
  • Item Weight – 6 pounds
  • Item model number – ‎CN1907ARL
  • Size – (17-Inch to 21-Inch)
  • Color – ‎Brown
  • Material – ‎Leather


  • Enhanced comfort
  • Superior capacity to hold weight
  • resilient, supportive polymer strap
  • rapid component replacement


  • Ankle strap could feel rigid

Safety and comfort go hand in hand with this top-pick set of Klein tree climbing spikes. There are multiple spikes, not just one, to support the work. There aren’t many good alternatives for the elite climber set. Klein Tools guarantees complete coverage for linemen from all directions. The set comes with leg irons, stirrups, straps, pads, and gaffs. 

The climbing pad is cushioned and made of high-quality leather. Your entire body is shielded from the force being applied. In addition to providing greater comfort, the assembly has a 350-pound weight capacity. There are also neoprene-coated nylon straps available. It enables the spike to support your entire weight. Long life and general serviceability are also supported by the attachments.  

It measures a typical 17″ to 21″ size right here in terms of spike size. Longer gaffs start the penetration process. Not to mention that the specific component is interchangeable with manufacturer models. Then again, it promotes a firm attachment to the leg irons. You can easily adjust either of the included sleeve & leg iron connections. The contoured irons enable a secure, stable gaff position. In fact, the adjustments are available in ¼”/6mm increments. An additional split spring of solid steel secures the ankle strap position.

Item / 02

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Material – Metal
  • Brand Name – Evoke Gear
  • Manufacturer – Evoke Gear
  • Part Number – JTM-A


  • Amazingly durable metal spur set
  • Fitted with an adjustable strap
  • Separate replacement purchase
  • Affordable


  • Unsuitable for thicker barks

The quality isn’t the best on the market compared to the alternatives. However, you can still disregard its usefulness or satisfaction. The best tree climbing spikes are made of effective materials all over. The use of solid, commercial metal in the spur set results in greater durability. Robustness rules from the core to promote better supportive action. It is completely resistant to everyday outdoor rigors.

Regardless of body size, it makes harness strapping comfortable. Climbing difficulties over your position are restrained by an integrated, durable material strap. There is a fall protection safety rating on the harness itself.

The integrated padding makes for comfortable long-term wear. Not to mention that the body type is enhanced by the height-adjustment system. The adjustable range can accommodate any adult body. You may need replacements if you use them frequently or for an extended period of time. Any part replacement seems to be fairly straightforward and simple. Evoke Gear parts can actually be purchased separately.

Item / 03

Notch Gecko Steel

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Item Weight – ‎5.9 Pounds
  • Brand Name – ‎Notch
  • Model Name – Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs
  • Color – ‎Green
  • Manufacturer – ‎Notch
  • Part Number – ‎ID07103


  • Strongest structural design
  • High resistance to rust and impact
  • Simple component replacement


  • Lower-increment adjustments

For your benefit, Notch Gecko brings a sturdy steel spike. The assembly as a whole includes components that are obviously functional. A well-thought-out design guarantees maximum safety and comfort at all times. The length of the gaff is a typical 2.5″ size. It is capable of withstanding all rigors thanks to additional rustproofing on the exterior. The steel leg iron then appears to encourage tougher spike connectivity. It has a sturdy plastic cuff that is molded to provide support. As a result, the structure is unaffected by unintentional impact loads. Once more, built-in EVA padding keeps your contact points comfy.

You can position the legs safely with the help of offset stirrups. On the top side, there is a calf strap that is 4 inches wide. Additionally, the 26″-long integrated lower strap provides support. Here, the height is still movable from 14.75″ to 21.0″. The 14″ adjustment increment promotes ideal user fitment. Generally speaking, the structural layout can support 350 pounds of weight without breaking. The products were put through every conceivable rigor of testing by the manufacturer. The ASTM F887 standard is successfully met in terms of quality. With the right upkeep and care, extended security promises lifetime service.

Item / 04

Sport Climbers

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Item Weight – ‎0.15 Pounds
  • Brand Name – ‎Sport Climbers
  • Model Name – ‎Sport Climbers
  • Color – Green Camo
  • Material – ‎Nylon fabric, Eva foam, Stainless Steel and Nylon Web
  • Manufacturer – ‎Sport Climbers


  • Stainless steel without reflection
  • Remarkably light structure
  • V-shaped, supportive spike
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Inadequate ankle support

These are the best spikes for climbing trees while hunting. While you’re working, you won’t have to worry about transportation. In fact, you can climb any tree like a pro lumberjack with the help of this adaptable pair. Unbelievably supportive action is made possible by incredible simplicity. It doesn’t have a lot of features or components either. However, you might prefer the pair to take a swift, comfortable, and secure vertical ride. The practical layout makes it simple for beginners to climb. It also gets rid of the need for dangerous tree steps. Practical considerations make it a useful spike from different angles.

Hollow-V spikes have the tendency to increase the overall contact area. It allows you to grab, hold, and distribute the weight with uniformity. And the possibility of slipping or falling is reduced to a bare minimum. The ideal tree-climbing spikes ensure maximum operational simplicity for both novices and experts. With no special procedures, wearing the spike seems fairly simple. For beginners, even assembly is quite doable.

Item / 05

HUAWELL Climbing Spikes

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Brand Name – ‎HUAWELL
  • Manufacturer – ‎Hua Hengshun Co.,ltd
  • Part Number – ‎H08-74181622666


  • Extraordinary Foot Support
  • appropriate for all tree types
  • Very Affordable price
  • remarkable simplicity in design


  • Durability

The last of our top spike recommendations come from Huawell. Again, you’ll find it to be quite appropriate in terms of simplicity & reasonable cost. To encourage safe and comfortable use, the featured spikes are extraordinarily wide. It is simple to tuck under the shoe sole. Whether it’s for ongoing use or short-term use, you can count on getting output that is unparalleled.

The thorn tip is extremely powerful and has a solid material base. But if you insert it inside the tree, it’s unlikely to cause any issues. An easy tip insertion causes a balanced and secure riding position. Its length is a typical 17″ and its width is 3.94″. The weight when empty is approximately 3.1 lbs. Because of this, the entire spike is incredibly light for your foot to carry the entire time. Your body weight is evenly distributed due to the extended dimensions. The structural design provides maximum support from top to bottom. It can therefore support about 270 pounds of weight.

The spike can be used to climb any type of tree without restriction. For climbing tall trees, a belt is obviously preferable. The manufacturer’s advice is to practice on the lower part first. With the spike, you’ll find affordability and durability without a doubt. The simple design is equipped to lift you up and down safely. It’s a must-check choice for beginners based on the price point.

Buying Standards


Comfort is crucial, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in the tree. Uncomfortable tree spikes can seriously impair your focus and cause serious injury. For your comfort and safety, while you’re up there, some spikes include extra cushions. You can increase your comfort by adjusting your straps. If your straps are too stiff, you risk losing circulation or having limited movement. 

Padding and good design are also essential. No matter how thick they are, slide-in shin pads can rub or move when your body weight changes. Blisters and distractions may result from this. Fixed shin pads won’t need to be adjusted while you’re trying to concentrate and will stay in place much more consistently. 


You can easily adjust your position in relation to the tree by changing the gaffs on some spikes. The ability to use both without coming down can save you time and effort compared to climbers who only use short or long gaffs. Some spike sets come with extra loops that you can use to attach to other pieces of gear.

Materials used

Although heavier materials are harder to use, they will last much longer. The most durable materials are alloys and titanium, while steel is the heaviest. Carbon fiber is often used to make materials lighter, even though it is more fragile and hard to move. Look for alloy or titanium if you want spikes that won’t weigh you down and last for years. Typically, these are also less expensive than steel. 

My Recommendations

Klein Tools CN1907ARL

These spikes are truly exceptional; even though they are pricey, the quality standards are of the highest caliber, and the parts are simple to replace. The contoured irons enable a secure, stable gaff position, and either of the included sleeve or leg iron connections can be easily adjusted. 

Notch Gecko Steel

Although all of the products are top-notch, Notch Gecko Steel is my second choice. Its spur set is more durable because it is made of solid, commercial metal. To encourage better supportive action, robustness governs from the very foundation. It is totally resistant to the rigors of regular outdoor use.

Hot Features With Proper Analysis and Research

Klein Tools CN1907ARLVSNotch Gecko Steel
Quality and durabilityPremiumVSGood
Comfort and fitVS
Width and length4 to 7 inches & 16 inches wideVS4 inches wide
Grip and tractionVS
Weight and portability6 poundsVS5.9 lbs
Safety and reliabilityVS

Winner Of The Guide

We announced Klein Tools CN1907ARL as a winning product because this holds Quality, durability, Comfort, fit, width and length, grip, traction, weight, portability, Safety, and reliability with a 9.3 score.


To ensure safety and prevent accidents when performing technical tasks like climbing, it’s crucial to select the appropriate equipment. As this article has discussed, picking the appropriate climbing spikes is crucial if you want to prevail in a match. We hope that the information provided in this article has helped you decide which climbing spikes are the best on the market, but if you still have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, and to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt


Can pole gaffs work for climbing trees?

Pole gaffs can be used to climb some trees, such as palm trees, but it’s preferable to choose between short and long gaffs when doing so.

What is the safest way to climb a tree?

Only leg spikes should be used when cutting down a tree by trained climbers. To shield the tree from cuts caused by a moving rope, use a branch saver. To prevent accidents and tree damage while climbing, a harness will give you greater control over the rope. Avoid trimming dead branches and other obstacles with hand saws.

Can you climb a tree without spikes?

A climber without spurs can navigate the tree by using their hands and feet in addition to their harness, ropes, and other equipment. As opposed to a traditional forestry-style belt that requires the climber to place all of his weight on his spurs, the harness has a seat (similar to a window washer’s harness).

What equipment do I need to climb a tree?

The proper equipment and tools are essential for climbing trees. A helmet with face protection, slings, a rope or line of some sort, gloves, and optional chaps are also required for tree climbing.

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