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See Clearly and Climb Confidently: 6 Best Climbing Glasses

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Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing BG climbing Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing BG climbing Weight: 37 grams
Frame: durable polycarbonate frame
Accessories: Rope retainer, glasses cloth, Zip case with carabiner
Colour: Black
Prisms: BK7 prisms with zero defect
Specificities: Suitable for spectacles wearers
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YY VERTICAL| Classic Belay Glasses YY Vertical Classic Belay Glasses Item Weight: ‎36 Grams
Brand Name: YY Vertical
Case: Double closure
Prisms: BK7 prisms  
Colours: Grey, Red, Blue
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YY Vertical Belay Glasses Plasfun Evo (Blue) YY Vertical Belay Glasses Plasfun Evo (Blue) Prisms: Enlarged BK7 prisms
Case: Double Closure
Weight: 39 grams
Colours: Blue, Orange, Black
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NiceClimbs Rock Climbing Belay Glasses NiceClimbs Rock Climbing Belay Glasses Brand Name: NiceClimbs
Colour: ‎Black
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Metolius Belay Glasses Metolius Belay Glasses Brand: Metolius
Colour: Black, Blue, Purple
Frame Material: Nylon
Size: One Size
Sports Type: Climbing
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Y And Y - Clip Up Y And Y – Clip Up Item Weight: 33 Grams
Brand Name: ‎Y&Y Vertical
Colour: ‎Grey
Frame Material: Plastic, Edelstahl(Stainless Steel)
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You have probably belayed or witnessed belaying if you have ever been to a crag or a gym. You will be aware of the aching and burning in your neck muscles after spending a long time trying to keep an eye on your partner, especially on long or multi-pitch routes. Wearing climbing glasses will protect your eyes, increase your visibility, as well as provide comfort, durability, style, and safety for you. Belay glasses help ease some of this suffering by refocusing the belayer’s vision. Belay glasses simply promise to allow you to look forward and see up while climbing overhanging routes without having to jerk your neck sharply upward.

Belay glasses are a fantastic tool, and we advise using them on longer rope climbs whether you’re climbing sport, trad, multi-pitch, ice, or aid. It’s easy to find belay glasses. Few climbers assert that their field of vision is reduced when they wear climbing glasses or belay specs, but many assert the opposite. The following is a list of the top belay glasses available today.

Best Belay Climbing Glasses: Ultimate Guide 2023

Item / 01

Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing BG climbing

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Weight – 37 grams
  • Frame: durable polycarbonate frame
  • Accessories – Rope retainer, glasses cloth, Zip case with carabiner
  • Colour – Black
  • Prisms – BK7 prisms with zero defect
  • Specificities – Suitable for spectacles wearers

Rock climbers can see the climber and their surroundings clearly and comfortably while wearing these BG belay glasses. Only top-quality components (BK7 prisms without flaws) are used, and strict quality control is used. Spare screws that are simple to use, a hard case with a carabiner, a neck strap, and a microfiber glasses cloth are all included. The prisms should be perfectly aligned. The 60° angle of the BG belay glasses makes them ideal for belaying your partner as well. 

Item / 02

YY VERTICAL| Classic Belay Glasses

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Item Weight – ‎36 Grams
  • Brand Name – YY Vertical
  • Case – Double closure
  • Prisms – BK7 prisms  
  • Colours – Grey, Red, Blue

YY Vertical’s top belay glass is designed to increase comfort for belayers. Glasses are made with stainless steel frames. The shape-memory alloy bows, which are flexible and strong, were developed by climbers for climbers. The nose bridge and frame can be adjusted to fit various head shapes. There are no built-in prisms, and the vision is perfect. The carrying case, a microfiber cloth, extra hinge screws, a neck retainer, and a small screwdriver are included with these glasses.

Item / 03

YY Vertical Belay Glasses Plasfun Evo (Blue)

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Prisms – Enlarged BK7 prisms
  • Case – Double Closure
  • Weight – 39 grams
  • Colours – Blue, Orange, Black

One more outstanding belay glass from the YY vertical. Climbers benefit from the comfort and safety of glass lenses, which also help them avoid neck pain and stiffness. Available in three colours, enlarged zero-default prisms offer improved comfort and a sporty appearance. You can see both the climber and your belaying equipment at any time thanks to double vision. The robust smart case with a carabiner allows you to take your glasses with one hand at any time. Stackable compatibility with sunglasses or eyewear.

Item / 04

NiceClimbs Rock Climbing Belay Glasses

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Brand Name – NiceClimbs
  • Colour – ‎Black

These durable, lightweight glasses from NiceClimbs are made of plastic. The viewing angle makes it easy to transition between the climber and the background for secure belaying while also minimising neck strain. Glasses are safely stored in the included rigid plastic case when not in use. The adjustable neck strap makes it simple for the user to quickly put on and take off their glasses. The majority of sunglasses and eyeglasses can be worn over it.

Item / 05

Metolius Belay Glasses

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Brand – Metolius
  • Colour – Black, Blue, Purple
  • Frame Material – Nylon
  • Size – One Size
  • Sports Type – Climbing

A fantastic pair of belay glasses is produced by the renowned climbing company Metolius. These are excellent alternatives, but we chose the YY belay glasses as our top pick due to the price difference. 

The peripheral vision of the YY glasses was also thought to be better than that of the Metolius glasses. When used with one hand, the Metolius case was more like a typical glasses case than the YY case, which we found to be significantly more practical. Some people have experienced issues with the case bearing and the screws in the glasses coming off while they are being worn. 

Item / 06

Y And Y – Clip Up

8.5Our Score Out of 10
  • Item Weight -33 Grams
  • Brand Name – ‎Y&Y Vertical
  • Colour – ‎Grey
  • Frame Material – Plastic, Edelstahl(Stainless Steel)

Y&Y did a fantastic job creating a product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do and does it well. This is the third belay glasses from Y and Y. Depending on where your climber is, the belay glasses can be easily flipped up and down by attaching them to the bridge of your regular glasses.

Given that the belayer can easily change between wearing the belay specs with just one hand while belaying, depending on where the climber is, this feature is very practical. You can still maintain a good sense of awareness of your surroundings and see the rope and belay device at your waist while wearing the glasses because of their simple, lightweight design, which also allows for a respectable field of vision around the outsides of the prism.

These clip-ons are a little heavy, some users noted, and may cause your glasses to slide down your nose a little, especially if you are wearing extremely light frames. The anti-slip ear hooks from Y&Y, which can be attached to the arms of your regular glasses to give them a little extra support and prevent them from sliding off your nose, are a fortunately available accessory to address this issue.

Know More, We like to share more tips with you

Buying Standards

If you’re going to spend any money on belay glasses, whether they are cheap or expensive, there are a few things to take into account when selecting the pair that is best for your climbing style.

Aspects of functionality

What type of climbing you will be doing is one of the first factors to take into account when deciding which climbing specs to purchase. Consider wearing glasses with larger prisms that give you a wider upward field of view, such as the Plasfun Evo, if you frequently belay your partner on long walls in the gym. Environmental factors are less important in a gym setting than they are outdoors because there is less chance of tripping over a rock or falling off a ledge. To give an equal peripheral and upward field of view outside on the crag, you might want to select a model with thin frames and smaller prisms.

Convenience and fit

Make sure your belay glasses are comfortable if you intend to wear them for an extended period of time, such as during prolonged pitches or when instructing someone on how to belay. Whether you have lighter, more comfortable glasses could make the difference between a good day and a bothersome clamp on your face. 

Compatible Glasses

The majority of belay eyewear is made to function with prescription eyewear and sunglasses, but some are more successful than others in this regard. Some manufacturers make clip-on belay specs that fasten to the glasses themselves if you plan to wear glasses or sunglasses frequently. One such design that attaches directly to the bridge of your lenses is the Y&Y Clip-Ups.

A portability aspect

Although portability may seem like a minor issue, it becomes much more important if you drop them and a prism breaks or if you leave them on a crag. It is consoling in these situations to have a sturdy case that will safeguard your investment while being simple to transport on your harness. Belay glasses are simple and convenient to use thanks to easy access and sturdy closures.

My personal Recommendations


The Classic glasses’ minimalist design is their most striking feature. The field of vision isn’t too restricted, though. The two fields of view—the one upward through the prisms and the one in front of you—are nicely balanced in The Classics. These glasses make it simple to see both, which is crucial. 

2) NiceClimbs Rock Climbing Belay Glasses

In our review, it is the best and most affordable pair of climbing belay glasses. These belay glasses are made to be a high-quality, reasonably priced item that will prevent your neck from hurting while belaying. Because of their sturdy plastic construction and rigid carrying case, they are worry-free to throw in your climbing pack, and the neck strap allows you to keep them close by when you’re spotting your belayer from above.

Hot Features With Proper Analysis and Research

Lens qualityGlassVSCrystal Care Mirror
Frame designPlasticVSPlastic
Weight and Size0.1 KilogramsVS‎0.12 Kilograms
Compatibility with helmetsVS

Winner Of The Guide

We announced YY VERTICAL CLASSIC BELAY GLASSES as a winning climbing sunglasses because they holds impressive qualities like Lens quality, anti-fogging, durability, and budgeted, and competeble with a helmet with a 9.3 score.


When the belayer puts on the belay glasses, they should be able to see what the climber is doing with their head at a normal level or just a little bit tilted forward. I sincerely hope that our top-notch belaying glasses will be of great help to you. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, and we will be happy to answer them.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

– T.S. Eliot


Are belay glasses worth it?

A) By using these tools, you can belay more comfortably while keeping a close eye on the climber, which will help you relieve neck tension and pain. They also increase climbing safety in this way.

What are V-prism glasses?

A) For some people who experience diplopia or double vision, prism correction is used in eyeglasses. This occurs when a person notices two distinct images of the same object. The two images are aligned by the prism so that only one image is visible.

Can astigmatism be cured by prisms?

A) Prism lenses are specialized lenses that eye doctors prescribe in addition to standard lens prescriptions. Since they lack focusing power, they are unable to correct refractive errors. In order to improve eye alignment, prisms “trick” the eye into thinking that an object is in a different location.

How much time does it take your brain to get used to wearing glasses?

A) Your eyes and brain may need a few days to a few weeks to get used to your new glasses, whether your prescription is being increased or you’re wearing them for the first time.

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